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Nudges capitalise on human automaticity, our tendency to act without conscious thought, making it easier for individuals to make desired choices. Applied to workplace learning, this means designing interventions that gently steer employees towards engaging in learning activities without imposing rigid requirements, or fear of lengthy courses.

A well-designed and considered learning campaign will build awareness, spark interest, and encourage participation across an organisation. Check out some ways you can drive a successful learning campaign.

The AI Risk Management and Ethics course is a MUST for organisations currently deploying AI solutions that may not have proper governance and risk controls. We explore the Australias Artificial Intelligence Ethics Framework and use case studies and examples across various industries.

I recall a stakeholder once saying Why do we need tab interactions, all of our staff can use a mouse? Eeeek. It was 2009 folks. Elearning has evolved a lot over the last few decades, and thankfully, so has the desire for most organisations to ensure that those elearning experiences are accessible.

Navigating the challenges of integrating video into elearning, this post explores the balance between enhancing educational content and addressing technical hurdles like bandwidth, LMS limitations, and accessibility. Discover strategic solutions to harness the power of video, making learning more engaging and accessible for all.

Discover why thoughtful instructional design and clear hyperlink labeling are crucial for user navigation and accessibility, following WCAG guidelines. Uncover practical tips for enhancing eLearning accessibility and ensuring a frustration-free learning experience.