About Lucid

Once upon a time?
Interested in who we are?

So what’s our story?

The story began with the goal of providing innovative solutions to organisations, with a focus on the end user.

Our combined expertise of over 30 years has seen us deliver intuitive solutions that have spanned from deploying one-off elearning modules solutions to co-creating and implementing long-term learning and development strategies.

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We understand

At Lucid, we embrace technology and look for ways to make your employees more effective, regardless of your size. We take a user-centric approach to every project…everything starts with a strong understanding of the user. We seek to understand your employees and what they need to know to get on with the job.

Black Six-Sigma

We have a strong process-driven approach with strict quality checking. Our process constantly informs improvements to the quality and efficiency of the learning modules and instructional materials we deliver to our clients. In short, we can deliver quickly and with laser sharp accuracy.

Uniquely customised, easily scalable solutions

One size does not fit all. We work with our clients to customise learning offerings that work for them. It starts with an understanding of our client’s challenges and the business outcomes they are seeking from any learning intervention. 

Global solutions delivered locally

Localisation and translation services required? Our extensive partner network has helped us deploy content globally in a range of languages that meet the needs of every individual.

Crystal clear communication and collaboration

We communicate clearly and often. It’s only with a clear vision of your goals can we help you achieve your mission. Efficiency is key in every project to stay aligned at all times.


It all started when the two of us came together and thought there was a better way to deliver
digital projects in the learning and development space.

Mark Goold

Principal Consultant

Mark is a virtual and elearning professional with particular experience and expertise in:

  • Blended learning design, delivery and management
  • Learning technology implementation and project management
  • End-To-End consultancy
  • Delivery of traditional elearning, Virtual Classrooms, Webinars, Multimedia and Other Web-Based learning platforms

Matthew Masci

Principal Consultant

Matthew’s passion is technology, the user and clear use of language. He has over 20 years’ experience in the learning technology field. Over that time, he has worked on learning technology strategy development, large scale elearning projects, technical writing assignments, LMS implementations, user experience design processes, and more.

Check out his LinkedIn profile for further background, and message him if you want to have a chat about your next learning project.