Cross Cultural Consultants

To commence the journey into the digital world, Cross Cultural Consultants worked with us to build a suite of elearning modules.

About Cross Cultural Consultants

Cross Cultural Consultants (CCC) are an Aboriginal owned and managed business operating throughout the Northern Territory, Nationally and Internationally. They have established a first-class reputation for delivering highly effective and innovative training solutions and cross cultural consultancy services.

CCC is committed to creating opportunities for Social, Economic & Cultural Development through Strategic Training & Custom Consultancy Services, offering their clients the unique opportunity to increase staff participation and drive organisational cultural change. CCC delivers a suite of culturally responsive solutions to close the cultural gap across current practices and processes, working towards reconciliation.

Traditionally the courses that Cross Cultural Consultants deliver are predominately face-to-face. This requires a facilitator to travel to remote parts of the country where participant numbers may be lower. The Lucid team partnered with CCC to design and deliver a digital learning strategy that complemented existing model. The digital approach catered for all learners, particularly where face-to-face is not an option.

Lucid supported Cross Cultural Consultants with the following services to make this a reality:

  • Development of a LMS with a payment gateway for subscriptions.
  • Core materials digitised and uploaded to the new web platform;
  • Marketing videos; and
  • Development of an elearning series to support face-to-face delivery

Developing a series of elearning modules

To commence the journey into the digital world, Cross Cultural Consultants commissioned the design and development of a short elearning module that delivers foundational knowledge on working with cultural differences. The key learning objective of the module was to explore and explain a model for understanding cultural difference and its impact on people interaction.

Figure: working with cultural difference module face to face
Figure: highlighting the correct process

Topics in the Working with Cultural Difference elearning module included:

  • Cultural Development
  • The Culture Layer Cake
  • Key ideas in Cross Cultural research
  • Cross Cultural views of time
  • Individualism and Collectivism

Over 10,000 participants have registered and complete the Working with Cultural Difference online learning pathway. Since it’s success, CCC have partnered with Lucid to deliver other versions of the program for large corporates and local government agencies. New digital learning approaches have also been adopted to deliver other programs aimed at Closing the Gap. For example, Aboriginal History.

Cross Cultural Consultants win LearnX Award

Cross Cultural Consultants and Lucid Virtual Solutions were awarded a LearnX Diamond Award for the Working With Cultutal Difference elearning module in the “Best elearning project – industry specific” category.

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