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Lucid Virtual Solutions helped Estia deliver a module on to manage the risk associated with occupational violence and aggression.

About Estia Health

Estia Health is one of the leading providers of residential aged care in Australia operating 6,289 resident places across 70 homes in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria.

Part of the Estia strategic approach to optimally manage and reduce occupational violence and aggression in the workplace, is to develop a capability build program aimed at employees. The scope of this work is to focus on the local solution helping to develop capability to keep frontline health and aged care workers stay psychologically and physically safe during their course of work.

Occupational violence and aggression can be defined as any incident where an employee, contractor, or volunteer is abused, threatened or assaulted. This includes incidents of clinical aggression and family/visitor aggression and violence.

Developing the Responding to Challenging Behaviours elearning module

Lucid Virtual Solutions developed an Responding to Challenging Behaviours elearning module to raise awareness and manage the risk of these behaviours to the health and safety of the Estia workforce. The module also aimed to build an understanding of the impacts that conditions such as dementia, delirium and depression on residents in the Aged Care setting has in establishing the foundations of a healthy environment and safe workplace.

Live scenario-based videos were filmed, edited and incorporated into the elearning module. They provided relevant context to Estia staff completing the elearning module of the way occupational violence and aggression can arise and how to best respond to these situations.

Below are samples of the delivered module:

The Responding to Challenging Behaviours elearning module

Scenario-based videos incorporated into the elearning module

Estia Health win LearnX Award

Estia Health and Lucid Virtual Solutions were awarded a LearnX Diamond Award for the Occumpational Violence and Agreession elearning module in the “Best elearning project – industry specific” category.

What our client’s saying

The Occupational Violence and Aggression course represents a key part of a strategic and forward-thinking approach to addressing the critical issue of workplace safety in the aged care industry. The positive business impacts of this initiative are evident in terms of enhanced safety, improved resident care, reduced incidents, higher employee engagement, compliance, and cost savings. By prioritising the wellbeing of their team members and residents, Estia Health not only creates a safer and more supportive work environment but also reinforces its position as a leader in the aged care sector.

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