Artificial Intelligence – Risk Management and Ethics elearning has arrived. Make your organisation compliant today!

The AI Risk Management and Ethics course is a MUST for organisations currently deploying AI solutions that may not have proper governance and risk controls.  We explore the Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Ethics Framework and use case studies and examples across various industries.

What makes Lucid Fundamentals different from other elearning modules?

  1. One license for all your needs. You have full rights to use the elearning package for the period of the license. All your team members will be compliant with just one license. Throughout the length of the license, the course is on your network to meet and report your obligations to any regulatory authorities.
  2. It’s your package!  We provide the SCORM package or HTML files to ensure the course is suited to your LMS or Intranet needs. Yes, we know all the weird and wonderful LMS’s out there, and we’ll ensure your course gives you the expected experience and reporting.
  3. Legally reviewed and compliant.  This is a constantly evolving space.  Our 6-monthly independent legal reviews ensure your course is current and compliant with any legislation. We provide updated packages throughout the license period with any updates/enhancements.
  4. Further customisation of the course can be applied to meet your preferences. For example, we can incorporate your branding or links to internal policies and documentation. 
  5. Fully responsive and accessible with the latest WCAG 2.2 guidelines and available across various laptops, tablets, phones, and other devices your LMS might support.
AI Risk Management and Ethics

Why does my organisation need compliance with AI Risk Management and Ethics learning?

    1. Brand and reputation management. Your organisation will be seen as a leader in ethical AI, enhancing public trust and brand reputation. On the flipside, it also reduces the risk of AI-related incidents that could damage your organisation’s reputation.
    2. Regulatory compliance.  This a rapidly evolving space and most organisations are still developing their internal AI policies. This course will help you stay compliant with evolving AI regulations, avoiding legal penalties and fines. Your practices will be aligned with global standards and regulations, minimising regulatory risks.
    3. Ethical decision-making. Equips your team members with the knowledge to make ethically sound decisions when developing and deploying AI. It provides tools and methodologies for identifying and mitigating AI risks with relatable examples from a variety of industry settings.
    4. Builds trust with customers who are increasingly concerned about ethical AI practices. You can also position your organisation as a leader in ethical AI, differentiating you from competitors. 


Common questions on getting started with Lucid Fundamentals elearning

  1. How do I get the license?  Simply request a quote by providing some basic details about your organisation. We’ll send a proposal that covers all the finer details required to sign-up. We’ll then send you a SCORM package to launch on your Learning Management System (or web-based version for your Intranet) for you to use within 24 hours.
  2. Can I alter or edit content in the course itself?  Yes, but this is limited due to the nature of it being legally-reviewed. As part of your package, the course can be linked to any internal websites and policies. Other changes may impact our ability to make your course compliant. We can suggest alternatives outside the package to suit these needs.
  3. How does billing work?   The minimum license period is 2 years with 6-monthly or annual instalment options available. Most payment types are accepted.  Select your preferences at check out.  
  4. Are there any incentives to pay up front?  Yes, we offer a 10% discount per license for any upfront payments. This is calculated automatically at check out.
  5. Can I try the course before proceeding further?  Of course!  We send a full version of the course for you to review and approve.  Provide us some details about your request and we can send a sample.
  6. What happens once my license expires?  You keep the course. Yes, that’s right, you keep the package as long as you need it. Just keep in mind that the key difference with the Lucid Fundamentals offer is that your course is legally compliant, current with industry changes, and up-to-date throughout the license period.  You will need to extend your license to keep recieving those benefits.

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